My interest for computer programming started when I was 12. Programming in "BASIC" in my "Spectrum 128+" computer. That interest developed later when I was in University studying "Robotics" and worked on a computer company as data & network tecnician. By then I could a bit more of HTML and Pascal.

By that time I started my first webpage cooperation with the band I had then (At-Tambur). Years after came CSS and I started to use it in my website creations. The first company I made the website from scratch was SofiesRenting and after that I accepted this was something I liked and could work with!

Among different sites I am happy to have made the website for Väsen and some other nice bands, including my own Stockholm Lisboa Project were I play.

I teach also sometimes about how to make websites, design aspects & webmarketing. I have hold a seminar in the Folk Music Department of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) about internet promotion, and also every week to the music students at Sjövik Folk High School.

Feel welcome to contact me even if just to ask for tips or brainstorm new ideas in this fast changing world!